Splash in the Shower of Shades

It's time for you all to shift your focus from your face and skin towards your body. Let your body shine like a sparkle. It's not only your eyes that symbolize different hues, nor your lips that strike the balance with other shades of your face makeup. It’s time to step up and experiment with a new and most trending style of Body Painting. We have compiled a range- Spatter that lets your body glow. Body Shimmers sparkles the body making skin look shiny and beautiful. The products range of Spatter has Shimmer Body Sparks and Body paints which are a perfect fit for professional body paint needs. It gives you all the primary colors and their various shades, making it possible to create an endless variety of body art designs.

Body painting is one the most fascinating art forms in the world. People love it and they are naturally drawn to it. Human bodies covered in paint intrigue us and catch our eyes. Yet there are many things people don't know about body paints. But you should know about this fantastic living art. It is a true eye-catcher. Human eye is naturally drawn to a human body, and when it´s transformed into a piece of art through paint, it works like a magnet. It is the oldest form and can be done with different types of techniques. They are intended to be used on face and body, which is why they are categorized under makeup and cosmetics. They are safe to use on the skin. For the people who do art make-up, Body paints are of keen importance. Most of the people who have been body painted once, would like to experience it again. Being body painted is natural and empowering. When you're being painted, you can do nothing else but be. So you have time to relax, be in your thoughts, just feel the brush strokes on your skin and observe your body. Most of the people wouldn't want to wash the painting away, but just keep on looking at themselves on the mirror and admiring what they look like. So, why don't you give a try to the new concept? Body painting is a popular form of non-permanent body art. Unlike tattoos, which will remain on the wearer's skin forever, non-permanent body art is an expressive and transient way to decorate the body creatively.

We may not breathe through our skin, but our skin is porous. Choosing paints that are safe to use on the body is vital, first and foremost. After that, one of the most common problems faced in the realm of body paint is allergic reactions. So, always use something which has least possible chemicals and hazardous ingredients.

Following the trend, we are ready with a range that calls for action. Spatter focuses on enhancing your body with the help of colors. The ingredients used to make the products are unmatched and include many essential oils that work on skin healing. Vivid and bright, the products are a worthy option if you wish to wear body paint for many hours with no degradation and chipping. Try Spatter.

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