Harmonize your skin with the true botanical Powerhouse

Have you ever thought of treating your skin with natural oils instead of going to costly Spas? Now your spa is at your doorstep with Beauty Relay Shuiqi range. When your skin feels more dry and rough, understand that your skin is calling for real help that is real care and nourishment. In such cases, creams or lotions are not enough. You need to treat your skin with real power of natural oils. In such a situation, look for powerful ingredients that can help your skin to glow. Everyone wish to keep it hydrated, moisturized and nourished by natural means.

To keep your skin radiant, glowing and smooth, Beauty Relay has developed luxury range that can be easily incorporated into your daily life. ‘Shui’ means water and ‘Qi’ means vital energy believed to circulate round the body. The term ‘Shui Qi’ translates as ‘water-energy’ and all our products concentrate on inducing deep relaxation and harmonize an individual’s inner balance with the surrounding environment. The range focuses on the importance of essential oils and vitamins for our skin. Shuiqi brings you the power with all-natural extracts of flowers and leaves to heal and support your skin with anti-oxidant rejuvenating properties. The range has Vitamin E, Vitamin C as its main constituents which soothes the skin, protects it from UV damage and brings back the glowing skin. The range has benefits of Argon oil and Olive Oil which acts as a natural moisturizer.

When we eat healthy and balanced diet, then our skin seems healthy too. But there are times when our skin seems dry, rough and dull. That is the time when our skin needs help. Treating it with essential vitamins and oils would help it recover the natural glow. The super hydrating range of Shuiqi is compiled to pamper your skin with extra nourishing essential oils. Unparalleled radiance starts with balanced skin. By changing your skincare products, you can easily create a balance between your mind, body and spirit. Synonymous to holistic well-being, Shuiqi is the source of skin strength that lets your skin glow that shines through. Experience tranquility and lose yourself in the luxury of Shuiqi oils.

Following a perfect skin care routine is essential. Make it right with Shuiqi range of products.

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