Stun everyone with every blink

Girls know very well how the smallest change in the way of making up their eyes can create a totally different look and appeal. Sexy or ingenuous, cute or superb, it all comes through that open window on our soul. Firmly believed, bold, beautiful eye makeup can transform a simple and sophisticated look and make it stand out by accenting your best features with colors and techniques tailored to your personal style and complexion. Everybody loves makeup that brings eyes in front and center and celebrates their beauty. No wonder that in our beauty routine, we pay great attention and care to eye make-up.

When it comes to eye makeup, there are so many elements that you need to get right to achieve a flawless final look, but there are so many things that can go wrong. Beauty cannot be skin deep. We have all grown up on that adage. But the new mantra for the 21st century should be sustainable beauty- sustainable products, sustainable materials, sustainable equipment and top of it all sustainable attitude. How do we do that is the challenge!

Bright hair color has been around for a while now. However, bright colors aren’t just found on hair anymore, they have moved on to eyes, too. The latest trend is colored eyes which includes Ombres, Balayages, bright colors, color melts. Rainbow eyes are officially trending. The color of the eyes that you pick will determine not only how good you look, but also whether you look high fashion or fancy dress. An alluring eye-makeup look that makes your best features pop, can be magnetizing enough to attract the attention of everybody in the near vicinity. Also, bold eyes can work as a great confidence booster, and make you feel like an absolute glam-doll. To rouse you into brushing up your eye-makeup skills and move on from just relying on your good old kajal, here we bring you a show stealing range- Shade Story which helps you have dramatic eye-makeup, for sure! The brand aims at focusing and bringing out your every minute detail of the eye with the help of its products. The range covers products like Eye Primer, eye shadows, eye cream and pigments, eye sparks and glitter glues that altogether highlight the smallest organ in the best possible way.

Enhance or change the way you look. The way eyes are deep and profound so our range is. There are enormous number of eye makeup products in our list that can help you feel better about yourself. But when you want your eyes to do the talking, let them speak volumes. Take complete control with your eyes in the next party to ring in and flaunt at your best. Glam your eye look with our versatile range of Shade Story making an appearance as you have never done it before. Carry the look with confidence be it dramatic, sinful or chic!

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