Ithyia- The Beautiful Ayurveda

Nature has given us many things on which we rely truly. Our skin needs nourishment and its best taken care when methods or products used are natural. With the deep essence of Ayurveda, Beauty Relay presents a unique range of Ithyia. Now is the time when you start pampering your skin with natural herbal ingredients. Making use of various herbs and spices, Ithyia helps in maintaining and enhancing human beauty since time immemorial.

Many herbs like Saffron, Neem, Honey, Aloevera, Lavender, Rose and many more contain high levels of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and nutrients that your skin and hair need to look healthy. These natural wonders are secret ingredients in your skin care regimen. They are capable to fight wrinkles, soothe redness, and keep your skin glowing in a natural way. Now is the time when you start pampering your skin with natural herbal ingredients.

Ithyia is all about re-inventing Ayurveda. Take good care of your skin, hair and body with the goodness of natural ingredients. They are packed with the benefits of herb and spices like Neem, Saffron for skin; Bhringraj, Shikakai for hair and many more. Another major ingredient used in this range is Aloevera which has cooling and soothing properties. The range is premium as it has miraculous skin care, hair care and night care products like Night Treatment Cream, Gold Facial Serum, Skin Glow Treatment cream etc. The best part of Ithyia and its products is that they are Ayurvedic and forms the best way to nurture your skin and hair. From deep pore cleansing face washes, ultra hydrating moisturizers and skin treatment kits to hair growth promoting oils and enriching shampoos. Take your pick and stay gorgeous. Enjoy nature and products from nature.

Ithyia truly stands for reinventing Ayurveda and making use of various herbs and species, mentioned earlier you can move a step closer to nature and also natural looking glowing skin. Believe in yourself and Ithyia, the easy way to look clear and natural.

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