The Mother Touch Therapy

It is only a mother who cares the most of her baby. Similarly, a baby is the closest to her mother. Their relation is indispensable. Delicate baby skin needs protection from the very beginning, of which a mother purely takes account of. Happy Skin keeps the baby happy always. And it is her mother only who understands purely the delicate skin of a new born. An infant, who has just stepped in this world and is unknown to many facts needs parenting care of his mother. His skin is extremely delicate and too sensitive to handle. Thus it’s important to use the best baby care products for their skin as they are precious more than anything in this world.

A mother always wants the best for her children. Becoming a parent is not easy. It takes a lot of effort to nurture and caress the new infant. Along with all your affection and attention, your little bundle of joy deserves the best when it comes to its soft skin. Beauty Relay steps forward to make your journey easy. Cuddle your baby with Coddle.

Coddle is a baby brand what offers high quality, chemical-free products for your baby’s delicate skin and  accompany you on the journey towards pure love and a total new parenting experience. Since your adorable baby can’t speak of his little troubles, make sure you have everything prepared. Beauty Relay introduces Coddle, a baby care range that comprises of Moisturizing Lotion, Nappy Rash Cream, Baby Massage oil, Tummy Oil and many other products that takes care of your baby and its skin well. At Coddle, all our baby bath & skincare products are uniquely formulated with the utmost care from safety perspective. All our baby care products are enhanced with natural ingredients and free from Parabens and other harmful chemicals making them completely safe for babies.

Keep a track of your baby’s delicate skin. At Coddle, we believe that the most important thing for a parent to do is to decide and choose among the variety of products available in the market. But the choice becomes easy when you know what the best for your baby’s skin is. Coddle assures your baby is happy, cozy and comfortable right from the time you welcome your precious little one into the world. Discover the entire range of baby care products at Coddle and keep extra care of your baby’s skin while you cuddle. Provide your child with extra dose of love, care and affection every time when you choose Coddle.

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