Don’t just dream about SUCCESS, work for it!

This has inspired me a lot. Since my childhood, I am fond of reading books. My yearning to read and learn more never saw a turn. The path has always been clear & focused. Even everybody around supported me in the best possible way. I was always keen to know what nature has to offer us. The enthusiasm for science and technology always drew my attentions towards something new to discover. I was busy every time thinking about the elements of nature and science laws that I used to read while being in my British school. Their connection with each other drifted me to read more and more. This made my curiosity to grow & I started reading books on nature, its elements. I read many books on Dermatology also. Being a girl, I wanted to have a clear and glowing skin and I deep dived into its study. I was lost in that world where nature and science meets. Even when I am sipping my favorite coffee, I would try and think over its benefits for my skin. We know coffee is good for our health in many ways but then my insight will enquire me of knowing the coffee benefits for the skin or hair. I was sure enough, that the quest for something big to discover has just began and it has long way to go.

When it was the time for me to decide and think of my future plans, I was sure what I had to do further. My thirst to gather more knowledge about this connection between the two was ever-growing and this eagerness landed me to discover the brand- BEAUTY RELAY.

When I went into the roots of nature, I realized that Nature has actually started this relay and I am just a part of it. Nature wants us to make as many benefits as we can. We know, nature has so much to give us and we live our life relying upon nature and its constituents. Anything that we take from it is beneficial for our skin, hair or health in many ways. I founded this brand as every girl’s best friend and made it a success in London.

Whenever I was asked for my hobbies, I would say- reading and painting and modeling. But that hobby grew as a passion and made me an independent entrepreneur today. My brand- Beauty Relay is capable of serving each girl with what her skin demands for. The brand is amazingly popular in London and I am introducing this dynamic range in India. It is well positioned in the international markets and now Indian domestic markets should be exposed to the wide range of beauty and International cosmetics. The diversity of nature has always influenced me. And this gave rise to the comprehensive selection of skincare, hair care, fragrances and personal care, luxury and wellness products for both men and women.

As I am fond of painting and drawing sketches also, the assortment of colors captivated me to go and put my learning towards a bigger platform. Though I am a British Indian of London, Holi is still my favorite Festival and I enjoy playing it till my heart says to stop. I introduced a division of Color Cosmetics that had five variable brands under it. The brand in whole expresses the girl’s first love as cosmetics. The first brand is Shade Story which specializes in eye shadows, eye glitters. The second is F2F i.e. Face 2 Face and it specializes in blusher, highlighter, bronzer etc. the third brand is Skin Paints which includes Foundation, Make-up base, loose powder, compact, pan cake etc. Marker is the fourth brand and it has Lipstick, lip liner, liquid lipsticks in it. The last brand is Spatter which has Body shimmers in it. Color Cosmetics focuses on enhancing your natural beauty. This professional range of cosmetic products will help you turn into the best of yourself. Having being earned so much today in the world of beauty and cosmetics, I would love to spread the message of self-love to each and every girl. Understand- you are unique in your own ways and have all the right to do and choose the best for you, especially when it comes to your beauty and skin.


As said, nature has started this relay and I will try to bring this ignited fire to each and every woman on this planet to benefit from nature with Beauty Relay.